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Kaine's Financial Planning Services

Providing Everything You Need To Know About Your Personal Finances

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Brief Introduction to Financial Planning

(~ 10 - 15 minutes)
Not sure what financial planning is all about?
Is it even for me?

Want to start somewhere but not sure where & how?
What are some fundamentals for me to know?

We will be going through a basic overview of what financial planning is and what it means for you and the life that awaits you.


This is a great starting point for people who are interested in financial planning but are unsure of the necessary steps to take.

I am here to guide you through every step of the way. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning Process

(~ 60 - 90 minutes)

We will be going through a thorough needs analysis to find out more about your goals and priorities for the future.

We will also be going through a detailed cash-flow analysis to track our expenses, set out a budgeting system, maximise the effectiveness of our income, and minimise unnecessary or unexpected expenses.

Lastly, we will be covering the pillars of financial planning through a proprietary framework called CSI that is both simple to understand and proven to work. 

Financial Report
Shared Office Desk

Policy Review

(~ 30 - 60 minutes)

Not sure what your policies cover you for? Confused by certain terminologies? Unsure what your existing gaps are in your portfolio and what are the right steps forward to safeguarding your finances?

We can go through a comprehensive review of all existing policies you own and understand what it is you're covered for! From there, we can also discuss the steps we can take towards bullet-proofing your portfolio (if any!)

Anything You Want!

(~ 30 - 60 minutes)

Financial Planning is a collaborative effort! What's important for you is just as important to me.

If there's anything in particular you hope to learn more about in regards to your finances, I would be thrilled to be of service and value to you. 

From investment planning and asset allocation to retirement planning and planning for long-term care and health care costs, or insurance and risk management to creating a financial plan to achieve specific goals such as buying a home, starting a business, or traveling.

You name it.



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